Transmissions are high bandwidth information transfers.  Modern language is very limited in its ability to send information, however, it is complimented by many other layers to our communication.  Context as well as intonations, body language, and phrasing can all affect the type of information that is transferred.  Someone saying "Hey there!" with a big smile on their face while walking through the park, says something very different than if they were to say "Hey there" with a frown on their face while walking through the rain in a muddy park.  Same words, but different information.  This is mostly due to the vast ability for one's Soul to communicate a wide array of information, and most of that information is expressed and understood through emotions and feelings.  These are preliminary understandings, but they create some context for understanding the role and necessity of the transmissions and activations that we offer.

There are several benefits from utilizing transmissions as a method for transferring information.

The first is that we are able to bypass some elements of the Ego structure through transmissions.  This makes it easier for addressing problems and constructs that are conditioned in such a way that make it difficult to address more directly.  Transmissions still do interact with the Ego, so there can still be some limitations in that regard, however, once one becomes acclimated to receiving transmissions and their expanded consciousness, you will be able to reap the benefits of their magic working in your life.

There are two methodologies we most obviously use for our transmissions.  These are: Mudras and Vocal Harmonics.


In all sacred art, such as those of Buddha, Quan Yin, BabaJi, Ganesha, and just about any other sacred figure, from the past, you will often see unique hand positions these pictures or sculptures hold.  This is not an accident, they are significant and hold energetic and vibrational effects from their utilization.  These mudras function like little antennas, which tune consciousness to different patterns.  Most people think that vibrational fields are two dimensional, just like when we look at a audio waveform going up and down.  But this is not a complete understanding of vibration.  Vibration, more specifically, is geometric, and is expressed in patterns, which can be seen in the study of Cymatics.  Plants, objects, and everything around us has different shapes, and their "vibration" is relative to their 'shape', and this is true across the many layers of their being, from thought layers, all the way down through the molecular and atomic structures and beyond.


Harmonics have to do with the interfacing between "two" vibrations and either their complimentary or interfering relationship. Harmonics are what give the same pitch from a guitar versus a harp, different tones. Maximus works with these harmonics in advanced ways creating and stacking information vertically, which allows vast amounts of data to be transferred to your being in short amounts of time. Because of this wider bandwidth of information, we are able to get beyond some of the limitations of time, as well as add in new conversations that would normally not be possible with more mundane communication methods.
Initially, transmissions will mostly be working on many layers of your vibrational-energetic being, giving it the necessary adjustments allowing it to work more optimally.  However, eventually, they will open up greater channels for your Soul, and allow you to hold greater wisdom, accelerating the evolution of your Soul and deepening your Mastery and abilities in Life.