10k Karma Clearing

for Men


Our 10k karma clearings for men are tailored to release what’s holding you back from all the goodness in life, which are the many desires of your heart including:
- Business expansion, 
- Heightened experiences of love,
- Increased energetic potential for health 
And new levels of peace, prosperity, and power.

Watch this intro Activation

There is a way to unlock destiny and traverse your life in the fulfilling and abundant way that is part of the Divine nature. We want to show you how. Our signature karma clearings provide a fast-track, and accelerated option to fulfilling your destiny.

You were destined and designed for greatness, and your birth as not by accident. Your purpose is unique, and you needed to be here, alive in the twenty-first century, to reign as kings on the earth. You were sent to this planet with a definite and significant purpose.

It is time for you to unlock the greatness that has been lying dormant in you for too long. It is time for you to remember who you are and fully apprehend your royal potential.

Due to the radical consciousness shift with these high level clearings, expect anywhere from 6 months to 1 year for the benefits to fully unpack.

“When our men begin to walk worthy of their calling and become Kings, we will see the restoration of all life.”- Jasmine KaiSa Rose