Erlandia Compensation Agreement


What you Pay
You are offered a free trial period of 1 months or 4 classes (40 rubies), which ever ends first. After that the Erlandia Compensation Agreement governs the payments required for access to Erlandia. Currently it offers a unique methodology that creates the “same relative price for everyone” so that all who might desire to learn and evolve theirself within the support offered by Maximus Light may benefit.

After the trial period, your payment to Maximus light for use and access to Erlandia, will be:
If you receive less than $100,000/year = you pay 1%
If you receive between $100,000-$1M/year = you pay between 1.1%-5% (see table for specifics)
If you receive more than $1M/year or more = you pay between 5%-10% (see table for specifics)

Your payment can be paid:
weekly, /4weeks, monthly, quarterly, Yearly

If the amount of money you receive in a period of time increases or decreases, simply adjust your payment to reflect. 

This method of payment allows for the fluctuation of money one receives to go up and down with compensation paid to Maximus, thus maintaining the ‘same relative rate’ for everyone. There will be more info within Erlandia explaining the theory and understanding behind this approach.

If you receive $100,000 or more in a a year, the percentage increases gradually up to 5% of money if you receive $1Million per year, and then increases up to 10% when one receives $10 million or more per year.
Please see the Erlandia Compensation agreement for specifics and updated details and/or use our payment calculator to determine the necessary amount.

Development of Eco-communities
Any percentage above 2% will go towards the creation and development of Eco-communities around the world. This is managed by maximus and allocated at his discretion. This information is provided for educational purposes only not out of any obligation or commitment on use of this money.

If you receive Less than $100,000/year:
You pay 1% of money you receive.
If you receive less than $20,000 per yeardo not have access or ability to make payment, or making payment would cause you harm or in-ability to eat, you are freed from any payment obligation until a time when you are able.
Payment details for
If you receive less than
100,000/year or,
7692/every 4 weeks or,

1% of money you receive

Membership is on a yearly basis, but can be paid, calculated, and adjusted: weekly, every 4 weeks, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

If you have accessed Erlandia for 1 year, then you will make payments for a total of 2 years.


For those that have a Memberships accounts that are open for LESS than one year
You can opt for following payment durations:
Payments continue for length of time, multipled by the number of months (instead of years)
If your membership has been open for 1 year or greater,
Payments continue for length of time, multiplied by the number of years
However, as soon as your account has been open for 1 year you will move to the yearly payment duration, regardless of amount of time or frequency that you access Erlandia.

Month Duration Examples:
So if you have been using erlandia for 1 paid month, then you will make payments for one additional month of non use.
If you have been accessing erlandia for 3 months, then you will make payments for a total of 6 months, (3 additional months past the last day you used Erlandia)