Erlandia Access Agreement

v1.2 Updated Dec 22, 2023


This agreement is between the Souls of those of Mankind, and Maximus Light;
Erlandia is the property of Maximus Light and he offers access to his property for the betterment of Mankind and support for the Evolution of Souls;

What you Get

You are offered a free trial period of 3 months or 8 classes, which ever ends first. After that the Erlandia Compensation Agreement governs the payments required for continued access to Erlandia. Currently it offers a unique methodology that creates the “same relative price for everyone” so that all who might desire to learn and evolve theirself within the support offered by Maximus Light may benefit.

What you Pay:

After the trial period, your payment to Maximus light for use and access to Erlandia, will be:

1% of money you receive if you receive less than $100,000 per year, which can be paid weekly, every 4 weeks, monthly, quarterly, or yearly based on your preference.

This method of payment allows for the fluctuation of money one receives to go up and down with compensation paid to Maximus, thus maintaining the ‘same relative rate’ for everyone. There will be more info within Erlandia explaining the theory and understanding behind this approach.

If you receive $100,000 or more in a year, the percentage increases gradually up to 5% of money if you receive up to $1Million per year, and then increases up to 10% when one receives $10 million or more per year.

Please see the Erlandia Compensation Agreement for specifics and updated details and/or use our payment calculator to determine the necessary amount.

Development of Eco-communities

Any percentage above 2% will go towards the creation and development of Eco-communities around the world. This is managed by maximus and allocated at his discretion. This information is provided for educational purposes only not out of any obligation or commitment.

Erlandia is for Mankind only

Membership including use and access to Erlandia is not offered to any legal entities, government agencies, or any non-real institutions. It is only offered to those of Mankind as a Man or a Woman.

Maximus does not offer this to any other than to the souls of those that inhabit mankind; for example, this is not offered to any entities, corporations, companies, legal society, & governments, etc… to name a few, and any of their access of maximus light's property will be considered a trespass;

you engage with this property based on your own free will; and do so with all of the responsibility that goes with it;

this agreement will be regularly updated and it is each wo/man's responsibility to know the current agreements and stay updated with them; as a result it is each souls responsibility to familiarize theirself with the current agreement offered by Maximus and use of his property;

each soul of mankind that engages with this property is required to not cause harm to another and to take full responsibility for their actions and use or non-use of the knowledge, techniques, and information within Erlandia;

any controversy or conflict that arises will be resolved with the 'erlandia mediation' process which is described within the Erlandia Mediation Agreement;

Use and Access of Erlandia

Erlandia is the property of Maximus Light. By interacting with maximus light, and Erlandia you are agreeing that you are doing so from your own free will without any coercion from any outside forces, entities, or others of mankind.

By interacting with Erlandia, or maximus light you are acknowledging your own individual power over your own life, and releasing anyone else from responsibility or cause of harm, including but not limited to Maximus light and the knowledge, content, and information within Erlandia.

Very simply put, If you do not like, agree with, or find that the information and experiences within Erlandia cause you harm, do not access or interact with Erlandia or maximus light.

User account, use, and access can be canceled at the discretion of Maximus Light with no refunds.

Protection of Erlandia

Any attack, trespass, or attempt to harm Maximus Light and his property including but not limited to Erlandia will be met with the mystical retaliation by Maximus Light which will superceed all local and governmental laws. This action will most likely not be noticed, understood, or observed as his approach is to maintain and develop beauty and harmony in this Earthly world and beyond.

Updating this Agreement

This agreement will be updated regularly and without notice, so please check periodically to stay up to date with the latest current agreement offered by Maximus Light and Erlandia.

Legal Agreements

Maximus does not offer ‘advice’, ‘medical’, ‘legal’ or any other legal contractual agreements. This includes but is not limited to agreements with any governments, corporations, as well as the legal society, or united nations.

We not use “capital letters”, the language used within Erlandia is a form of expression and the shapes of letters is up to our own use of artistic ability to communicate and ones own ability to interpret. This is also true for use of punctuation and accents.

This is to clarify that Maximus Light and is NOT contracting with any legal uses of language, including but not limited to legal contracts, or legal agreements.

Resolving Controversy through the Erlandia Mediation Process

In the event of any controversy or claim of trespass or harm that is not able to be resolved between those of mankind between which it arises, it will then go through the erlandia mediation process. If after completing the mediation process a decision or resolution can not be agreed upon, the decision or resolution will be decided by maximus light and will be final.