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Erlandia Membership is a 1 year agreement, which you can pay monthly, weekly, quarterly, or yearly.

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About the Erlandia Compensation Structure

Maximus Light currently offers the "Same Relative Price for Everyone" for access to Erlandia through an Erlandia Membership. . 
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1 Month Trial Membership

To assist you in determining if an Erlandia Membership is for you, Maximus offers a free trial membership of 1 month, or 4 classes (40 rubies), whichever occurs first.

Your Erlandia Membership

Your Erlandia Membership is a 1 year agreement, which you can pay weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.  Your membership also comes with certain responsibilities including staying updated with the payment of your membership and updating your payment rate to be accurate with increases or decreases of money you receive in your weekly/monthly/quarterly/and/or yearly cycles.

If you receive more than $600,000 in a year or more:

For those who receive $600,000 or more per year, you will pay any percentages above 2%  go towards the creation and development of Eco-communities around the world. This is managed by maximus and allocated at his discretion. This information is provided for educational purposes only not out of any obligation or commitment on use of this money.
As a result, You will setup two subscription payments.  One for your first 2% and the second for any remaining percentage above the first two percent.  Please contact our support if you wold like assistance in setting this up.

Overview of payment percentages & rates: