Ceremony days are designed to be spacious, providing the necessary time to process and also discuss whatever comes up comfortably and easily.  We typically leave about 3-4 hours for actual ceremony, however, it is important to understand that the gentle and spacious day is specifically designed to be the container to hold and prepare you for the more intensive ceremony time.

Entering into Sacred Mimosa Ceremony is a big deal, and it is necessary to treat it with the proper respect.  During each day, we will have time for more simple activity and conversation to better ground the participant and orient them for the more vast realms of consciousness they will experience.


The Mimosa preparation we use is a secret ancient mayan recipe that is currently not known in the world today.
It is important to note that our approach to journeying through multidimensional consciousness is centered around being able to be more completely "here".  This is radically different than that of many other facilitators, and especially other "escapist" methods of experiencing different states of consciousness.  The problem with those approaches is that you still have to come back to this world, and if you are not able to function "here" then, you are always going to have problems.  

We take an entirely different approach.  By expanding our consciousness, we can see and understand things that can help us better understand ourselves, and the world around us.  With greater clarity and understanding, we are able to take more complete action in our life, and therefore, be more successful with living in happiness while generating wealth, health, and benefit for ourselves and those around us.  Without understanding, people live in fear, as it is this lack of understanding of the world around them that leads to fulfilling some needs, but at the cost of other needs.  The cost/benefit analysis in this case, results in little if any net positive benefit or growth.  This ratio has to be fully addressed, and it can ONLY be addressed by the expansion of your consciousness, and integration of practical wisdom.  The results of this will affect all aspects of your life, including health, wealth, relationships, fulfillment, and happiness.  

Ceremony prepares you for this expansion of consciousness, and our advanced abilities across the multidimensions prepare you for the safe navigation and speedy integration so you can realize greater understanding and thus success in life.  Sacred Ceremony is also designed to support transmissions with Maximus and Jasmine as it opens up the bandwidth of information that you will be able to handle at a time.  Typically, there can be many stages and layer of upgrades and rearranging needed to bring greater harmony to ones being.  These are lessons unto themselves, and will be at the center of much of the lessons and evolution that you will undergo through our private mentorship sessions.