The Kingship Path VIP Immersive

The Kingship Path is a Spiritual Mentorship Intensive for Masculine Men who already know that a life of deep meaning, adventure, beauty, courage, and intimate relationships is a life that is worth fighting for.

This VIP one-on-one private offering is designed to facilitate the Rites of Passage of the Divine Masculine, which is a profound and essential transformational journey for your masculine soul to become worthy of holding the throne power of God as a leader in this new Golden Age Cycle.
If you are willing to go for the prize of the Divine Masculine HIGH CALLING… where the legacy you dream of living and leaving behind is fully realized, then, this is your invitation to become who you were meant to be.

You are meant to be powerful.

In order to become a wholehearted KING, a man worthy of Kingdom Wealth, you must evolve your Soul and pass through initiation by alchemical spiritual fire.

The best efforts of well intentioned men still come short of living above the problems, struggles, situations, and circumstances that they face in their daily lives.

The reality is that most men carry distorted lower masculine programming in their unconsciousness that results in their use of personal power bringing harm to themselves and those under their care. Unfortunately, the damage is real… and those you love most are wounded due to the mishandling of power.

The journey of the Kingship Path takes you on an accelerated journey to grow, heal, evolve your Soul and then mature into full Divine Masculine Manhood, which is the standard God set to prepare you for his kingdom power… and ensure you  become the kind of man who can wield power for good.

What you need to know

Each man has to embark on a path of radical consciousness reconstruction to become a true King, the kind of man who can handle Kingdom Wealth.

In order to up-level and begin operating in a new playing field of nourishing business and intimate relationships, you need to move through the necessary spiritual ascension initiations to come into communion with the Divine Feminine. What most people don’t know is that the Divine Feminine must bless you for your chosen Destiny before you can access your Divine Inheritance and steward Kingdom Wealth.

You become worthy of holding the throne power of God as a leader in this new Golden Age Cycle when you accomplish being a living embodied example of one who has successfully passed the kingship path initiation. Once you do this, you will have earned the full energetic backing of the Divine Feminine.

Are you ready to embark on the ultimate hero’s journey?

Seize the once in a lifetime opportunity of the Kingship Path Today

The Kingship Path

VIP Immersive

Build your Wealth, Nurture your Family

Centered around 4 days of ceremony, this package is designed to jumpstart those who are ready for the Accelerated path offered by Maximus Light & Jasmine KaiSa Rose.  

This package includes two 10k Karma Clearings, one for a Man and one for a Woman in a relationship.  These clearings include 3 sessions, one for preparation, one for the clearing, and one for any additional processing and integration needed.

Ceremony with Maximus and Jasmine is fundamentally different than other Shamans.  Our methodology and approach is designed to bring you more rejuvenation and replenishment, while expanding the windows of time for you to live and accomplish what you would like to do in life.  

While Sacred Ceremony is an extraordinary experience in of its self, the following weeks is when we will really start seeing some progress, as many new channels in your being have been opened and reconnected.  This offers you a new and fresh approach to life, bringing you the fruits of your efforts.  In this post-ceremony phase, you will have had enough of an initiation with Max and Jasmine that you will be able to start being able to utilize some of the codes and activations you have received.

Special Features:

Curated  Energy work,
Lightbody activations,
Karma Clearings,
Tantric Codes, 
and Soul Transmissions

Program Overview


4 week virtual sessions
- Karma Clearing
-Light body Activations

Private Sessions for Men

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Private Sessions for Women

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10k Karma Clearing

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4 day in-person plant ceremony retreat
-Mimosa Ceremony

Sacred Ceremony

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8 week customized virtual sessions
- Private Sessions
- Soul Transmissions


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